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Formula Company lobbyists hard at work

In response to today’s Washington Post article, Lobbying fight over infant formula highlights budget gridlock, I sent the following letter to the editor:

Thank you for bringing to light the latest scam perpetrated by formula companies against the country’s most vulnerable women and children. Under the aegis of improved efficacy, they seek to force more expensive formula on WIC in the absence of any evidence of increased benefit for babies.

That formula companies and their lobbyists try to block efforts for FDA due diligence by suggesting it is racism or the work or ideological “lactivists” would be funny, if only it weren’t so effective.

There is good news. Some state WIC programs, including that of my home state of Oregon, are daring to meet their clients’ needs and honor their rights. How? By recognizing the impossible barriers to informed feeding choices that they face before they ever make it to WIC. Most hospitals’ infant feeding practices guide women to formula before they go home. You’re right – it’s not about breastfeeding, it’s about profit.

Here’s hoping Oregon WIC and other state WIC programs will continue demanding the level of care all families deserve. Let’s hope elected officials and lobbyists promote rather than quash a move to bolster mother- and infant-health.


One response to “Formula Company lobbyists hard at work

  1. Perfecting Motherhood July 15, 2010 at 9:34 pm

    Most hospitals and OB doctor offices are the worst offenders at pushing baby formula. Why send new moms home with bags full of large cans of formula and formula coupons? Why not have lactation consultants visit every new mom after birth, and then every day while in the hospital? Yes, the regular nurses got the 2-hour training on breastfeeding, but that’s definitely not enough and too often, they just don’t care.

    The formula business is very powerful and the money is there, probably $1500 for each baby, not bad! There are many things that people don’t tell new moms about breastfeeding. I made a list of a few of them as an inspiration to other moms. Breast is still best.

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